Wall Reinforcement




·Consolidate the fastness of the base layer and seal the loose layer.
·Excellent permeability and adhesion to prevent hollowing.
· Moisture and mildew proof, purify the air.
·Construction is simple and can be applied by roller or brush.
·With color, check whether the next process is up to standard.

Scope of Application

It is suitable for the sealing and wall reinforcement treatment of brick walls, cement mortar plastering layers, old coatings (with loose powder phenomenon).


Constructability: no barrier for brushing

Water resistance: 96h no abnormality

Alkali resistance: 48h no abnormality

Low temperature stability: no deterioration

Theoretical coating rate: 0.15-0.20kg/㎡ (The coating rate will be different from the theoretical value due to the condition of the base layer and the construction process.)

Additional Information

  • indoor

  • outdoor

  • waterborne

  • roller

  • paintbrush

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