High-end Limestone Paint




·Sturdy coating, high crack resistance, smooth surface, not easy to accumulate dust, and can maintain the appearance for a longer time.
·Ultraviolet resistance, acid rain resistance, strong adhesion, lasting color retention.
·It has the texture of natural limestone, strong decoration and high simulation.
·Pure water-based paint, lighter building materials, green and environmental protection.

Scope of Application

It is suitable for exterior wall decoration of high-end residences, office buildings, office buildings, etc.


Drying time: surface dry≤4h

State in the container: uniform without caking

Bonding strength: >0.9MPa

Crack resistance: initial drying crack resistance, no cracks

Theoretical coating rate: 2.00-2.50kg/㎡ (The coating rate will be different from the theoretical value due to the conditions of the base and the construction process.)

Additional Information

  • outdoor

  • waterborne

  • batch knife

  • spray gun

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